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Position 70.0 E
Frequency 11.211 GHz
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Modulation QPSK
FEC 1/2
Symbol Rate 5.111
Data Rate 4.71 Mb
Receiver DVB-S2
DISH 2'Feet
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Frequency 3760 H
SR FEC 26000 7/8
Receiver DVB-S
DISH 4'Feet

Hitherto, this department of student affairs was working under education department. In the year 2005-06, on the request of Sadr Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Bharat, Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih V AB graciously sanctioned this department of student affairs. This department is permanent and separate from the department of education. The objective of this department is to raise the standard of Ahmadi students (especially of colleges and Universities) from religious, moral and intellectual point of view and to safe guard the students from the existing materialistic atmosphere of tribulations and to make them adhere to the Islamic customs and make their relationship strong with Jamaat so much so that they become faithful servant and active member of dignified Jamaat, which is founded by Hadhrat Masih Maud AS. Their entity should be beneficial and useful. Therefore

  1. The Ahmadi students shall be made to understand that the future of their country nation and Jamaath is very much related to them. Where it is their duty to seek worldly knowledge there it is their duty to be well decorated with the ornament of spiritual knowledge so that their heart and mind shall be well protected from the bad influence of materialistic inclinations of the present age. Therefore a special care is to be taken to read the religious books, conduct preaching sessions and to watch MTA. A good opportunity is to be provided to the company of noble persons of Jamaat.
  2. Examine as to how much, the Ahmadi students of college and university are connected with Jamaat. In any case make them to feel as part of Jamaat and enlighten them with the system and tradition of Jamaat.
  3. In large Majlis where the strength of Ahmadi students is more and where there is a good number of colleges and universities, there we have to form "Ahmadiyya students Association", Organize spiritual convention, seminars and other programs. In such programmes non-Ahmadi people can also be invited, by this Ahmadi students will be trained spiritually as well as they will develop their relation with others and thus Jamaat will be introduced.
  4. In view of the blessed scheme of Syedna Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih V AB, no one should discontinue his education before intermediate (+2). Every Majlis shall hold sessions to emphasize on the importance and benefits of seeking education. Parents also should be invited and insisted to secure higher education to their children. Pay visits occasionally to institutions to know about the children's attendance and their position. It is the duty of Qaidin and Nazimeen of student affairs to check every Khadim. Inform about the efforts taken to national office.
  5. Organize a seminar on subjects like the necessity and importance of education, introduction to various departments of education. We can have the benefits from education at such seminar held at state/zonal/district level.
  6. Every Majlis should compile the list with particulars like how many Khuddam and Atfal are there in the Majlis. How many Khuddam and Atfal have completed Metric?. How many Khuddam are learning technical courses after metric? Which technical courses you have joined?. How many Khuddam are continuing their education after metric, Name of the student, fathers name, age, class, group, position in previous class. Mental skill. In which line he is interested. How about the financial position. To what extent he possesses religious knowledge, how much he is connected with Jamaat. Are you serving Jamaat, holding any post?. Prepare list as per the details mentioned above and send a copy of this to state/zonal Qaid.
  7. What are the reasons behind discontinuing the education and technical after metric? Poverty or any another reason. A list of such Khuddam should be sent to national office and a copy of it should be sent to State/Zonal Qaid.
  8. Draw the attention of such Khuddam who have discontinued, to continue through open universities and other educational institutions. Further guide them to join some technician courses.
  9. Set up a book bank in every Majlis and urge all Khuddam to deposit their books in this bank. After getting through their examinations, so that these books can be made available free of cost or at less price to poor and helpless students.
  10. If possible, organize free coaching classes before examination. Well educated Khuddam can be requested to provide free coaching to poor students so that they can do better in the examination. Likewise Majalis shall arrange for lectures on various topics by scholars and educationalists. By this Khuddam can gain general knowledge in addition to their regular academic knowledge.
  11. After examinations are over, guidance shall be provided to students of X class and 12th standard regarding the selection of career. For this purpose Majlis should appoint a career counselor. We can avail the help from some expert career counselor also. We shall guide students suitably regarding admissions in various educational institutions and in this connection we shall have regular contacts with Nazarath Taleem, Qadian.
  12. Under "career planning" scheme of this department information is to be provided about the various courses and institution and guide students by way of publishing articles in Mishkat and Rah-e-Iman.
  13. It is the duty of Qaidin to see that every Ahmadi student right from Kinder Garden to Phd writes letter to Huzoor seeking prayers. Also intimate Huzoor about the result of his annual examination.
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