Friday Sermon: The Promised Messiah and Mahdi (as)

بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم

Notes from Friday sermon delivered by Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalifatul Massih Al Khamis atba on 23rd March 2018 from Baitul Futuh mosque, London.

These notes are not a substitute for the sermon. They are only to give a brief idea about the topics discussed. Make sure to listen to the full sermon on MTA or Youtube.

• Today it’s the 23rd March. This is the day we celebrate Massih Maoud Day.

• In a time when Islam was being attacked from all sides, Allah sent the Promised Messiah

• Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as says that Allah has commanded him to announce that he is the Promised Messiah

• Opponents left no stone unturned in attacking him, but Allah stood by him.

• He says: denying the Promised Messiah amount to denying the Holy Prophet saw and Allah Almighty.

• I swear by Allah, that the one who abandons me and deny me, if verbally he does not deny the Holy Quran, his actions prove that he denies the Holy Quran.

• Allah revealed to the Promised Messiah as : anta minni wa ana minka- you are from me and I am from you

• How can one deny the Holy Prophet saw if he denies the Promised Messiah? Because the Holy Prophet saw has promised that at the head of each century there will be a mujaddid. A Mahdi was promised. So, if you deny me then you deny the promises.

• Before someone calls me Kafir, one has to become Kafir first.

• Before someone says that I am not following the Holy Quran and Hadeeth, one has to deny these two. Because I follow Holy Quran and Hadeeth.

• Hazrat Issa as proved that the coming of Elijah is not physical but metaphorical. Jesus said that his coming is fulfilled in the person of John the Baptist. Then why are you still waiting for the physical coming of Issa? Why can’t you accept that his second coming is metaphorical?

• The voice of that Promised Messiah was raised in a far away village in Qadian, where no one knew that place. But today, the whole world is accepting his message.

• In Benin Allah manifested how a so-called king who opposed a believer in the Promised Messiah died and became a sign for the people in that region.

• The time has come when Allah has sent the Promised Messiah as per His promise.

• For a true prophet and Nabi, there is no bigger proof that the time is ripe.

• Everyone agrees that the time is nigh when a reformer must appear. Even in Pakistan the situation is such.

• Muslims are still asking: where is the Messiah who was to come to break the cross?

• Unfortunately, there are also some Ahmadis Muslims who are still weak of faith. This must not be the case. One must not fall prey to the weaknesses of other Muslims.

• If other Muslims were on the right path, then why is there no good result to their doings? The Promised Messiah as says that these people are not acting according to Amle Saleh. Their deeds are void. Amle Saleh are pure of all defects and dirt. One cannot be doing good deeds and keep rancor in his heart against someone else.

• The Holy Prophet saw prophecised that there will be two types of ruins: one from inside and one from outside. The inside ruin will be the misbehavior of Muslims. The outer ruin is that blames and attacks being done against the Holy Prophet saw. Elaborate plans will be hatched to harm Islam. The cross will be a great threat. That is the time for the Mahdi to appear.

• We who accepted the Mahdi as, we must have a much higher level of Taqwah and Iman. Our situation must be better than all others. Our deeds must be Amle Saleh.

• Baiat is not enough. Belief is not enough. Allah is not happy with this as long as there is no good deeds. One must become righteous, virtuous. Give alms. Use soft language. Be engaged in zikr e ilahi. Firm on daily salaats.

• Remember there is a great thief that steals all your good deeds. Its show off, arrogance. It is born when one does good deeds. And this ruins all the good deeds.

• If there is one person who does Amle Saleh, then the whole house is saved.

• When a doctor prescribes a medicine, you must drink that. Or else you will suffer and die.

• You came in the baiat of the Promise Messiah. Now its time to obey and act.

• Always be engaged in istighfar. For the shortcoming you are aware of and that which you are not aware of. Protect all the parts of your body from sins.

Rabbana Zalamna anfusana. Wa illam taghfir lana wa tarhamna lanakunanna minal khasireen. This prayer has already been accepted before.

• How can we say we are in the jamaat of the Promised Messiah, if we do not stay firm on daily salaat?

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