The Waqar-e-Amal (Dignity of Work) Department establishes among the members of the Khuddam-ul Ahmadiyya, dignity of doing work with their own hands, and encourages the members to engage themselves in collective work for the benefit of the Jama’at and the community.


  • Hold Waqar-e-`Amal activities, e.g., cleaning local Namaz centers, local Mosques and neighborhoods
  • Encourage members to perform personal chores themselves e.g., washing their own cloths, ironing, cleaning their own rooms etc.
  • Urge Khuddam to perform Waqar-e-`Amal at various functions organized by the Majlis and the Jama`at
  • Actively participate in construction, cleaning and other activities at Jama`at properties
  • Educate Khuddam to keep their environment as clean as possible, e.g, to dispose of their garbage at appropriate place


Falahuddin Ghori


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