The Tarbiyat Department encourages members to uplift their spiritual and moral growth. The department strives to make members abide by Islamic injunctions, inculcate national spirit and determination as well as try to introduce to them Islamic morals and etiquette and adopts appropriate reformatory plans for the training of the youth.


  • Encourage Khuddam to offer daily prayers preferably in congregation
  • Inspire Khuddam to adopt Islamic moral values in their daily lives
  • Establish Namaz centers to offer congregational prayers
  • Encourage Khuddam to listen to Hadrat Khalifatul Masih sermons regularly
  • Establish regular Tarbiyati classes to inculcate values such as truthfulness, respect for elders, love for children, respect for the institution of Jama`at and absolute obedience to Nizam Jama`at
  • Ensure that Khuddam read The Holy Qur’an on a daily basis
  • Arrange for Dars Qur’an throughout the year
  • Involve parents in the moral training of Khuddam
  • Encourage Khuddam to be proud of their culture and heritage so as to promote cultural diversity
  • Arrange speeches on social issues during various programs of the Majlis
  • Establish relationships with Khuddam by visiting them regularly
  • Encourage Khuddam to write letters to Hadrat Khalifatul Masih
  • Publish articles/circulars on Tarbiyati issues
  • Encourage Khuddam to watch M.T.A International programs
  • Establish a committee to research and attempt to resolve the social and moral issues
  • Perform statistical analysis to monitor the progress of Khuddam, especially the inactive and new members
  • Educate parents on how to handle social issues with children
  • Encourage Khuddam who face the challenge of deciding between right and wrong to read the commentary of Surah Yusuf
  • Make literature and Huzur’s videos that deal with social issues available to Khuddam, Atfal and their parents
  • Motivate Khuddam to read the books of Hadrat Masih Mau`ud and Jama`at literature
  • Encourage Khuddam to exercise at least the following acts of goodness:
    • Nafli Roza (Voluntary fast)
    • Offering of Nawafal and Tahujjad prayers to gain the blessings to Allah Almighty
    • Brotherhood and well being of humanity
    • Honesty, Obedience, Truthfulness, Loyalty, Sacrifice, Forgiveness, etc.
    • Reading the books of The Promised Messiah
  • Get pledges from Khuddam to adopt the five fundamental characteristics as emphasized by Hadrat Khalifatul Masih IV
    • Truthfulness
    • Use of polite and respectable language
    • Care for People, awareness of others pain and to find ways of removing this pain
    • Patience
    • Strong will and courage
  • Encourage Khuddam to participate in Nizam Wasiyat
  • Motivate Khuddam to participate in Waqf `Arzi scheme
  • Promote Waqf Zindagi scheme amongst Khuddam
  • Promote Hifz Qu’ran scheme amongst Khuddam


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