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Additional Nazim Tarbiyat (Rishta Nata) shall strive to train and educate the members regarding the Importance and sanctity of the institution of marriage within Islam, as well as the importance of timely marriages and marrying within Jamaat. He will also strive to make reformatory plans, to guide Khuddam on how to tackle marital issues. He will also work toward increasing the interest and participation of Khuddam in the Rishta Nata system of Jamaat.


1)  Maintain the Tajneed of all Khuddam who are at the age of marriage or approaching the age of marriage or are unmarried on a monthly basis.

2) Arrange sessions with unmarried Khuddam on topics such as the following, among others:

  1. Sacred Union of Marriage
  2. Ill Effects of Dating
  3. Marriage: Half of Faith
  4. Timely Marriage.
  5. Marriage within Jamaat

3) Educate parents of Atfal and unmarried Khuddam regarding the following matters,

A Social Issues, such as dating, peer pressure etc

  1. Timely Marriages
  2. Marriage within Jamaat
  3. Interracial marriages, cultural diversity

4) Publish articles on various platforms of Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya, such as Mishkat, Rahe Imaan, online forums (www.khuddam.in) etc. on the topics of timely marriage, Marriage with in Jamaat, and the institution of marriage within Jamaat.

5) Promote the book of Domestic Issues and Their Solutions (Aili Masail aur unka Hal); by Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalifathul Masih V (aba), among Khuddam members.

6) Work in coordination with the Secretary of Rishta Nata to come up with ways to increase interest and participation from Khuddam in the Rishta Nata System.


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