The Isha’at (Publications) Department is in-charge of dissemination of information on activities of Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya (MKA) India to members and the general public. The department manages all publications of MKA India. The department also liaises with the media for the coverage of MKA India activities and programs.


  • Produce a local newsletter on a regular basis highlighting the events of the Majlis and other issues of interest for both Atfal and Khuddam
  • Introduce book review e.g. introduce a book of Jama`at to create awareness and interest among Khuddam to read the book
  • Collect articles of general interest from the media and monthly periodicals, e.g., Readers Digest, Scientific American etc, and suggest them to Khuddam for general reading
  • Encourage Khuddam to write articles for Mishkat, Rahe Imaan, newspapers and other magazines
  • Ensure that Khuddam receive Mishkat, Rahe Imaan and local newsletter regularly
  • Produce magazines, books and souvenirs
  • Design and publish (paper and/or electronic) event specific flyers for various programs of the Majlis
  • Provide design and publication services as required by other departments


Saleeq Ahmad Naik

Contact :

(+91) 8195090175

Naib Mohtamim