The Tabligh Department prepare and engage Khuddam in conveying the message of Islam throughout the communities. The department ensures that members are adequately prepared and inspired to carry out the message of Islam to a wider audience through individual, public and electronic media preaching.


  • Train and involve Khuddam in Tabligh activities
  • Encourage Khuddam to spend at least one full day in Tabligh activities during a month
  • Arrange to distribute Tabligh literature to at least 15% of your neighborhood
  • Hold question & answer sessions with non-Ahmadi friends on a regular basis
  • Encourage Khuddam to invite friends and neighbors at their homes to discuss religion in an informal atmosphere
  • Prepare responses to comments about Islam and Ahmadiyyat as published in various media and submit to National Markaz for approval
  • Build a team consisting of assistant and in-charges to manage various activities related to preaching


Nematullah Nawaz

Contact :

(+91) 9945254792

Naib Mohtamim

Goals and Objectives of Shoba Tabligh MKA India 2019-20

This year Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Bharat has made a target of creating 500 Da’ieen khasusi Khuddam. (Those khuddam who have special interest in Tabligh and have good knowledge about Islam & Jama’at). To achieve this target we need the particulars of Khuddam Da’ieen Khasusi e.g. (Names, email, contact no, etc) and also we need their area of interest. The form of Khuddam Da’ieen Khasusi is enclosed. Please distribute it among Khuddam in your Majlis and send it back to Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Office through email upto 31 March 2020.

Every Majlis conduct at least 3 programs in a year in which Non Ahmadi friends should invited to our Mosques or mission houses. In these programs Ahmadi khuddam should introduce their non ahmadi friends about Islam Ahmadiyyat Especially about MTA, alislam website, Huzoors speeches, MTA APP, (blog) and an introductive documentary on Jama’at Shown to them. Also guide them how to install MTA Dish and how to use the MTA APP.

Every Majlis should distribute Huzoor’s book pathway to peace among young journalist and try to publish a review on this book.

If any article is published against Islam, Ahmadiyyat in any sort of media then bring it to the notice of  Majlis Ansar Sultan alqalam (Working under the supervision of Sadr Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya) immediately

Leaflets distribution work should be arranged under the guidelines of Huzoor Aqdas. Every Majlis must make teams of Khuddam and Da’ieen Khasusi and distribute leaflets door to door in a very organized way. Encourage them to visit homes in weekend holidays for leaflets distribution in various localities and houses. Khuddam teams must keep the records of the visited peoples and send their feedback and comments to Markaz.

Organise seminars with the help of Khuddam those who are studying in various colleges and universities in your Majlis, under the topic

Role of youth for the establishment of Peace in Nation.

Please contact Mohtamim Tabligh (Mobile: (+91) 9888474265) and take all the guidelines regarding how to conduct the seminar.

Our objective is to spread the beautiful teachings of Islam under the banner of True Islam. We plan 5 point agenda through which we will try our best to remove all the misconceptions against Islam. We will provide training material to Khuddam Da’ieen Khasusi on these five point agenda. The agenda is given bellow.

  1. True Islam rejects all forms of Terrorism.
  2. Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community warns of risk of Third World War.
  3. Respect for all religious founders and leaders.
  4. Loyalty for Nation.
  5. Status of Women in Islam.

To conduct special session on Tabligh in Zilla Ijtimas in which discussions are made based on the Instructions given by Huzoor Aqdas about Tabligh in various events.

Every Majlis should take one new city or village as a target to create new Jama’at. Try to create new jamat through Dua and Tablighi activities in that particular city or village.

Download da’ieen khasusi registration form

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Responsibilities of a

Muballigh / Waqfe Zindagi / Office Bearers